Storage Workload Performance Validation


Let us help you understand your real world workloads, how to balance server workloads, or measure your direct, remote or virtual storage. We have expertise in performance, workload capture and analysis and power efficiency measurement.

Software Tools

CTS software tools allow you to run SNIA standardized storage performance tests and EPA power efficiency measurement. We can help you capture workloads and to organize results and data from multiple sources in the CTS Database.


We can run SNIA Solid State Storage performance testing, SNIA Datacenter Real World Workload tests, and Emerald/EPA power efficiency tests. We can also help you analyze, balance and validate your storage workloads.

Real World Workloads Earth

“Real World Workloads”

Real World Workloads, the IO Streams observed that access storage during actual use, are different from synthetic test workloads and are important for the optimization of storage solutions. Use CTS to capture, analyze and test Real World Workloads.

“Intelligent, Scriptable Software”

CTS is an intelligent, robust test software that is fully scriptable and programmable with conditional algorithms, real time analytics and automated report generation. CTS can test direct, remote or virtual storage targets.

Database Analytics

“Database Dashboard & Data Analytics”

CTS DB Dashboard manages data from CTS test instances, multiple test tools and 3d party test results. CTS DB provides custom organization of database schema, fields and tags. CTS DB automates data analytics across DB results data.

How can CTS help you?

CTS has been used to develop and validate SNIA standards since 2006. CTS continues to provide state-of-the-art test solutions & workload analytics to Industry leading customers.

Do you need to figure out how to optimize your storage?

Not sure how different workloads will affect your storage and application performance? Contact us and let’s talk. We can help you simplify and understand your workload performance.