Powerful and Flexible Automation Tools

Rich feature set for comprehensive analysis and comparison of data.

Tests for firmware development, performance benchmarking, data integrity, data reliability, endurance, AQL and more.

Build Script

CTS Scripting language is intuitive and powerful. User Accessible Parameter Fields provide easily adjustable parameters for pre built scirpts. Command line IO editing via text editor or pop dialog box to prevent Syntax errors. Set data pattern, RND/SEQ, R/W mix, block size, command termination by time, amount of data or IOPS, IOPS throttling, OS pass through commands, Vendor Specific commands, SCSI & ATA pass through commands and more.

Steady State

CTS Algorithms provide automated SNIA PTS Steady State calculations and plotting. Easily adjust Steady State Window Parameters via User Accessible Variable fields. Customize number of Rounds, Maximum allowable Data Excursion, and Maximum Allowable Slope Excursion. Multiple Steady States can be programmed to provide powerful regression analysis and multi-part or concantonated tests.

Script Queue

Script Queue allows the user to load Multiple Test Scripts to all available Test Bays. Load any Test Script, set Test Bay Continuation Criteria, enable Email Notification to send status and test results by email, add to or modify Queue while in-progress, and directly access Test Results and Logs.

Auto Plot

Auto Plot provides up to 15 plots per Test Results file. Plot Pre Conditioning, Steady State and Performance Plots. Monitor a variety of parameters, resources and statistics. Select from XY, Spline, Histogram and other plot formats. Plot series are pulled from the CTS database and populate the Test Results file. Each Test Results file is a live xlsx file which can be used to easily create customized plots.

Plot Compare

Plot Compare is a powerful automation tool that allows you to create comparison plots directly from databased test results. Now you can compare multiple runs on a single drive/parameter or compare multiple drives on a single parameter. Overlay Plots (two or more series on a single plot) and Single Plots (each plot on its own Tab) are available.