Hierarchical GUI

CTS GUI Based Browser provides an “End-to-End” Test Environment
Navigate between Single, Node or Tower View
Access Any Individual DUT, Page or Results Database within a few Clicks
Maintain the Same Software Environment through all stages of SSD Test


RUN TEST is the CTS “Home Page.” Simple Graphic Visualization of Key Information. Access Individual DUTs to load, run and monitor tests. Select Test Scripts from CTS Database, Load & Start tests, Monitor Real Time Progress, Script Queue Positions, Test Status, Test Results and more.


Click NODE Page tab to navigate to see 32 Slot NODE or Multiple 12 Slot Multi-Port Servers. Roll over DUT Slots shows DUT Info and Test Bay Status. Click on Single Slot to navigate to RUN TEST Page. Load Individual, Group or All DUTs with the same or different test scirpt(s) for Asynchronous, Parallel test.


TOWER Page presents All DUTs supervised by the Control PC / Laptop. See ALL DUT test status at a glance. Active, loaded or under test Slots are highlighted. GUI LED Status corresponds to physical Slot LED Status. Roll over slots to view Individual DUT Information. Click DUT or NODE to navigate to NODE or RUN TEST Page.


Load Multiple Sequential tests to the Script Test Queue. Define Continuation Criteria, set email notification and check status remotely. Continuously add or modify Script Queue. Optimize Engineering efficiency by loading Script Queue for automated testing.