Calypso Stimulus Generator

CTS Back End

Powerful Proprietary Stimulus Generator
Each DUT Test Initiates a New Back End Instance
Allows for Parallel Asynchronous Test
Single, Batch or Sequenced Test

Stimulus Generator

Linux Based Asynchronous IO
Multiple Threads, Multiple Queue
Spawn Parallel Streams & Workloads
Track and Measure Every IO in Real time
48 Bit Seedable RND Number Generator
Binary File for Compressible Data Pattern

Logical Device

Test Any “Logical Device” Recognized by CentOS
SAS, SATA, PCIe, SFF 8639, M.2 and more
Proprietary Drivers compatible w/ CentOS

Device Under Test

Test Multiple DUTs
CTS Tower DUTs or Expansion HBA Fan Out Cable
Multiple CTS Blades or Multi-Port Servers
Scalable to 256 DUTs
Custom Hardware Available

Databased Results

Test Measurements saved to CTS MySQL Database
Back End Measurements to Database via Ethernet
Database Populates Test Reports & GUI