Calypso RTP 2.0 Industry Standard Tester

RTP – Reference Test Platform

RTP Test Platforms provide a Standardized Hardware & Software Test Environment
Normalization of Test Platforms allows “Apples-to-Apples” Comparison
RTPs minimize Hardware bottlenecks and contributions to test measurements

RTP 2.0

Intel Gen 2 5520HC Motherboard
Single or Dual XEON 5580W 3.2Ghz cpu’s
LSI 6Gb/s HBA 9212-4e4i
4 Slot SAS/SATA DUT Tower
Dedicated SAS/SATA Power Boards
Multiple x8 PCIe Gen 2 DUT Test Slots

RTP 3.0

Intel Gen 3 E5 S2600 Motherboard
Dual E2687 3.1Ghz (3.8 Turbo) cpu’s
LSI 6Gb/s HBA 9307-4i
LSI 12Gb/s HBA 9300-4i*
SFF 8639 HBA x 4*
4 Slot SAS/SATA DUT Tower
Dedicated SAS/SATA Power Boards
Multiple x16 PCIe Gen 3 DUT Test Slots
* HBAs Available upon General Release


Calypso CTS Test Suite runs on the RTP or Multi-Port platform.  CTS is bundled with test hardware and is NOT available as a stand alone product. RTP Back end servers run under CentOS 6.x. CTS Front end software runs on the control PC under Windows 7.  Communication is by ethernet to the CTS MySQL database.

Back End Server – CentOS 6.x
CTS 6.5 1.9.12 Stimulus Generator & Measurement
CTS 6.5 Front End – Windows Browser based GUI
CTS Database – MySQL
Remote Log in / Control of Test DUTs


Calypso test platforms come in standard or custom configurations.  CTS will test any logical device recognized by CentOS 6.x.  SAS, SATA & PCIe devices (with CentOS compliant device drivers) can be configured in standard 4 slot DUT towers or motherboard PCIe bus slots, in 12 slot Multi-Port chasis, or in custom hardware enclosures.  CTS can accommodate other interfaces with suitable electro-mechanical adapters (M.2, SATA Express, mSATA, FCoE, etc.). Additional options can be provided, including auxiliary Heat/Cold environmental chambers.

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