High Performance Test Platforms

Calypso Test Platforms provide High Performance Standardized hardware at each step in the data path.  Use of an RTP minimizes bottlenecks and normalizes contributions to test measurements from system hardware and software.  Calypso’s powerful CTS Stimulus Generator creates multi-threaded IOs to fully test the target SSD.

Standard and custom device interfaces are available.  SAS/SATA HBA DUT ports are independently powered with dedicated DUT power supplies.  6Gb/s HBA Standard, 12Gb/s HBA Optional.  PCIe testing on x8 and x16 PCIe Gen3 test slots.  Custom DUT interfaces available.


Test Platforms
Scalable High Performance RTP & Multi-Port Test Platforms

CTS Back End
Powerful Proprietary Stimulus Generator & Measurement Tools

CTS Front End
Intelligent & Flexible Test Software. Auto Plotting & Comparison from CTS Database