SNIA PTS Report Format

The PTS requires reporting of test results using the SNIA PTS Report Format.

Simply click “New Report” to automatically generate SNIA Reports.

A sample 6 page IOPS report follows.  Note Key Test Information in the Header.

Steady State (SS) Convergence

SNIA Report Page 1View Pre Conditioning (PC) Rounds for All Block Sizes (BS) leading to Steady State.  Each data series is a block size ranging from 0.5, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 to 1024KiB Block Size.

Steady State Measurement Window

SNIA Report Page 2View the RND 4KiB Tracking Variable that defines the Steady State Measurement Window.  View the 5 Rounds comprising the SS Window, the maximum data and slope excursion and the average of the five round values.

Steady State Window Calculation

SNIA Report Page 3View a close up of the SS Measurement Window.  Calculations are set forth below the plot showing Average IOPS for the 5 Rounds, least squares linear fit (red line), maximum data excursion (dotted line), and the maximum slope excursion of the least squares linear fit (dashed line).

IOPS Tabular Data

SNIA Report Page 4Steady State IOPS by BS & R/W Mix.  Block Sizes top (small) to bottom (large) with R/W from left (W) to right(R).  RND 4KiB 100% W is the second row in the first left column.

Header information for DUT, test hw/sw platform, interface, Pre Conditioning, OIO in TC and QD, SS Convergence Rounds and PC and Test Active Range if applicable.

IOPS 2D Plot

SNIA Report Page 5R/W Mixes plotted against IOPS & BS.  Each data series is a R/W mix.  IOPS on Y axis, Block Sizes on X axis.  Files can be reformatted – view Y axis in Log10 or Linear scale.

IOPS 3D Plot

SNIA Report Page 6IOPS 3D Bar Chart. IOPS by R/W Mix & Block Size.  Small blocks left to large blocks right. R/W mix W in front to R in back.  RND 4KiB 100% W is the blue second column front left.