Comprehensive Test Results

Test results are automatically stored in the CTS MySQL database.  Retrieve data in a variety of forms.  All data is accessible enterprise wide.  Multiple reports can be generated for historic test results.

Produce Comparison plots directly from the database without opening the results files.  Original results data is secured on the database.  IO command line and time stamp for each result reproduced and included in Test Report.

Databased Results

Each DUT test instance automatically saves test results data to the CTS database.  CTS database populates RAW Data files, Reports and Plots.  Easily updated, backed up and migrated to Enterprise db systems.

Original test data is always accessible – loss or modification to test reports can be re populated with original data from the CTS db.

Raw Data Files

RAW Data Files contain Test ID and SSD DUT information, self reporting SMART information, print out of the test script, detailed test results data by time stamp and column and auto generated plots.

RAW Data Files are live excel files which can be used to further plot and present data.

Auto Plots

Pre Built & Custom plots are defined in the test script.  Plots are automatically created in the RAW Data File results.

Plots can be modified in excel or in the original script template.

Pre Conditioning, Steady State and Performance Metrics plots are easily exported to other report formats.

Report Generators

CTS Report Generators create SNIA PTS test reports.

Report Headers populate required and optional reporting requirements.

Reports are generated as live excel files in an easy to read 5 to 6 page report suitable for management review, engineering summary analysis and  inbound and outbound marketing.

Comparison Plots

Compare data directly from the CTS database.

Compare firmware revisions or perform regression analysis on key parameters.

See multiple tests on a single drive.  Compare multiple SSDs on a single test.  All plots are live excel files that are saved to the CTS database.