We are professionals in Solid State Storage test and measurement. Calypso designs, develops and sells sophisticated test and measurement instrumentation used in the characterization of solid state storage device performance.  Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Calypso has been providing high performance test equipment to the mass storage industry since 1991.

Calypso is actively involved in industry standards works.  Calypso has assumed a leadership role in developing and implementing performance standards by chairing the SNIA Solid State Storage Technical Working Group (TWG ) which developed the SNIA Solid State Storage Performance Test Specification (PTS). Calypso provides leadership, and Chairs, the SSSI PCIe SSD Committee and teaches PTS tutorials at Spring & Summer SNW education tracks.  The Company sits on the Flash Memory Summit Advisory Committee and organizes the Test & Measurement Track for the Flash Memory Summit.

Calypso maintains close technical working relationships with Industry leading SSD OEMs, Controller OEMs, NAND Flash memory suppliers, resellers and SSD integrators.  Calypso continues to investigate and explore the latest in Solid State Storage products and technologies.

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